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What to Expect in Health Coaching

A Personalized Plan

Your goals are unique to you. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your digestion, lower your stress, or do it all, we will discuss your goals in depth before I create a plan for you. Once you have a plan, we continue to adjust and modify based on what works for your body and your lifestyle.

Expert Guidance

The guidance I provide is backed by my extensive work in the fitness and wellness industry and several training and certification programs. I love to learn, and I always do my diligence in researching the recommendations I offer.

Judgement-Free Support

I'm here to answer questions and help you stay accountable for your goals. That does NOT mean I expect you to be perfect when following your health plan! Eat the dessert, have the glass of wine...No one is perfect, and my program is about helping you implement changes that you can maintain.

"Before I started health coaching with Cat, I felt defeated. I had been trying to lose a few pounds for months, but the scale wouldn't budge. Cat helped me understand why losing those last few pounds was a challenge and helped me make changes that FINALLY led to results."

D. Roschli

Coaching Package Inclusions

- Phone call twice a month to access how things are going and modify if needed.

- Recipes to help you meet your nutrition goals.

- Help with meal planning.

- Weekly email check-ins and daily prompts if desired.

- Weekly Zoom workout class. *optional*


4 Week Package

This package is for you if you want someone to help you create a personalized plan and give you the kick in the pants you need to make changes.


8 Week Package

This package is for you if you're looking for more support as you learn to implement changes to your lifestyle.


12 Week Package

This package is for you if you want continuing accountability to stick with the changes you make and turn them into lifelong habits.

Begin Your Journey

"Cat is the type of person you only meet once in a lifetime. From the moment you meet her, you realize that she exudes magic and kindness. Her loving and patient spirit have made a tremendous impact on my life."

T. Leahy

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