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Cathleen Kahn

Health & Wellness Coach
Health coaching can help you rediscover your inner strength and harness the power you have to positively change your life.
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I want to help you find what truly works for you
because I know you're tired of trying every new diet and never seeing the changes you desire.

Coaching Services

"Healthy" looks different for everyone. In health coaching, we determine what healthy looks like for you. We outline your personal goals, talk about your challenges, and get real about the changes needed to help you feel your best.

Your health plan will be tailored to you, and you will receive personal guidance and support throughout your journey. If you're ready to stop chasing the trends and create long-lasting healthy habits that lead to positive results, I would love to help you.


4 Week Package

This package is for you if you want someone to help you create a personalized plan and give you the kick in the pants you need to make changes.


8 Week Package

This package is for you if you're looking for more support as you learn to implement changes to your lifestyle.


12 Week Package

This package is for you if you want continuing accountability to stick with the changes you make and turn them into lifelong habits.

Every Package Includes

- Phone call twice a month to access how things are going and modify if needed.

- Recipes to help you meet your nutrition goals.

- Help with meal planning.

- Weekly email check-ins and daily prompts if desired.

- Weekly Zoom workout class. *optional*

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You can learn how to

Manage Stress
Develop an Exercise Routine
Improve Your Diet
Strengthen Your Mindset
Manage Your Time
Hold Yourself Accountable

"It is refreshing to have a wellness professional incorporate ALL aspects of my day to day life....such as stress, sleep hygiene, energy levels, nutrition, exercise/activity, journaling and meditation practices."

R. Frerk

About Your Coach

My name is Cathleen, but you can call me Cat.

I am a health coach, yoga educator, and founder & co-owner of CatFit Yoga. I enjoy teaching people how to find sustainable paths to happiness, health, and self-love.

I am also a mom of two, an avid traveler, a cancer survivor, and a writer.  Feel free to head to my about page if you'd like to learn more. I can't wait to get to know you too!

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