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"Badass and Bendy"

is the story of Cathleen Kahn, her journey through breast cancer and how yoga helped.

Her memoir will have you crying and laughing. Interspersed throughout the memoir are yoga flows that helped with some of the mental and physical struggles of cancer. These flows are not just for cancer patients but for anyone dealing with stress, fear, anger and needing joy and hope.

A Yogi's

Breast Cancer


A born educator and compassionate healer, Cathleen Kahn teaches people to see physical fitness as a path to positive change in their lives. Working as a yogi, wellness expert, and the founder and co-owner of CatFit Yoga, she helps her clients find sustainable paths to health, happiness, and self-love.

She's always loved yoga, but it wasn't until Cathleen survived a battle with breast cancer that it became central to her life. She says, "After cancer, I lived yoga. When I lost my hair, yoga didn't care how I looked. When I felt betrayed by my body, the yoga mat welcomed me. Yoga was therapeutic and a place of acceptance and healing for me during and after my diagnosis."

When she's not teaching, writing, or speaking, Cathleen loves to travel, volunteer, and savor a great glass of red wine. She enjoys learning as much as teaching and strives to make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of everyone she meets.



Amazing book!

Beautiful, powerful, and truthful.

Such an inspiration!

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