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Your Truth, Own It Baby!

I am a podcaster. I listen to podcasts.

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I am working on the podcast recording for this week. As I am typing the information I am going to share with listeners, I am listening to a podcast about running a business. The podcaster is talking about being authentic in your business.

Being you, the real you.

I paused, because I talk about this all the time in class. I wrote a blog post about being authentic last October. I think about it often because I see so many people that are afraid to be their true selves.

Being real, being who you are when you are content and calm, and no one is looking. That is who we are meant to be. But it is scary.

I don’t like using the word authentic, it is one of those words that is so overused that I turn off whoever is saying. So, I will change to genuine, maybe sincere or just honest.


I like that. Being honest with yourself enough to move past the fear and be courageous. It sounds easy. Yet, we have that fear thing, lurking in the background telling us that no one will like us if we are honest about who we are. It takes courage to step out and show the world who you are. It is courageous but more than that it is a gift to show up as you.

The podcast recording next week that I am working on is about the second chakra, the sacral chakra. One meditation that helps to balance and engage the sacral chakra is a Sat Nam meditation. You inhale and say, Sat. You exhale and say, Nam. You continue to do this for one to three minutes. Why am I telling you this? Because Sat Nam means: Truth is my essence.

I challenge you to sit in an easy seated position.

Get comfortable.

Set a timer for three minutes.

Breathe easily and slowly start saying, to yourself, Sat on your inhale and Nam on your exhale.

Continue for three minutes. When you are finished, keep your eyes closed and acknowledge the pieces of you that make you unique.

Being honestly you, what an incredible gift.

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