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Yoga is my pause...

Just pause.

Stop and breathe.

Close your eyes and focus.

Take a mental break.

Take care of you. This week I have had so many students coming into classes and friends calling me… Talking about how stressed they are right now. The stressors are different, but the stress is still the same. It causes stomach aches headaches, chest pain, acid reflux, weight gain, feelings of helplessness, despair and panic.

Everyone is rushing and running and trying to fill as much of their day with “important stuff”. They are not taking the time to slow down, reset and just pause for a moment.

Pause to take care of themselves.

Pause to get a plan.

Pause to regroup.

Pause to ease the stress.

I am always busy. I always have a project going. I always run from one project to the next. I meditate each morning and that helps tremendously but I don’t always stop in the middle of the day, in the middle of my running, in the middle of my projects, to just breathe. This week I made an effort to recognize the feelings of anxiousness and take the time to just stop. Just for a few minutes. To breathe. To meditate. To do a yoga pose. To walk to the mailbox. These are small breaks that made a huge difference in my week. I was more productive in my writing and had more time to focus on exciting things to plan for the studio and healthy meals for my husband.

I am not always what yogis are supposed to be.

I am type A personality. I am driven. I am ambitious. I am in constant motion. I am creative.

This makes yoga more important to me than ever.

Yoga is my pause. My place to slow down, regroup, refocus, and find peace.

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