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We moved!

I am a mover.

I moved with my military family as a child.

I moved with my military ex-husband more times than I can count.

I moved to Tennessee when I got divorced.

I moved to Oak Ridge when I met my husband.

We moved this past week to Knoxville, to a house we found together. A house we have already made a home. Edward and I had been searching for a house in Knoxville for over two years. I downloaded the Zillow app and searched. We loved our home in Oak Ridge, so the new home had to be perfect in order for us to move. We had our list of must-haves to make a move worthwhile. On May 29th, I found a home on Zillow that looked interesting and asked our realtor to set up a time for us to go see it. Our realtor called back and said the home had been taken off the market that day, but they would show it to us.

We saw it, we bought it.

It was prefect.

Then, we freaked out a bit at how fast we had moved on the purchase.

I am an expert mover; I have done it so many times. I actually, love moving. I love the idea of a new home. I love cleaning out and purging the piles of clutter that had gathered in the old house. I love new friends, new neighborhoods, new restaurants, new grocery stores and new routines. This move gets me closer to my yoga studio in Crossville and makes my drive much more pleasant.

I loved how Edward smiled as I sprang into action. He is not a big fan of moving. He helped shuttle items to and fro that I did not want the movers to handle. He watched as I put in shelf liners and placed our items in the new house as I brought them over from the old house. He grinned as I directed the movers and the furniture into place in the new house. He made me feel like I was the conductor of an orchestra. He happily played in my orchestra. That is not to say, he sat idly by – Edward has never had an idle moment in his life. He made our move easy and successful.

Moving to a new home, in a new city is literal change. There will be change and growth on the inside too. I have embraced change since I was 13 years old when my mom told me, bloom where you are planted.

I have new spaces for writing. I have new spaces for making memories. When things change around you there is the opportunity for growth. I want to always be growing, learning and challenging myself.

I am excited about our new home. I am excited to have picked out a home with Edward that we can fill with even more wonderful memories. We hope everyone that visits us feels the joy we have felt in this new home.

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