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Waterfalls are beautiful but not on the bathroom floor.

I woke this morning at 3:02am to the sound of water running. That is never good.

Never a good sound to wake up to.

A pipe had burst under the sink in our bathroom. The water must have been running for a long time because as I walked through the dark of our bedroom towards the sound, the water squished between my toes on the carpet. That - will wake you up instantly. Wet carpet and puddled water on the bathroom floor. Almost the entire bathroom floor, a 10-foot by 8-foot area.

Edward and I sprang into action. I ran to the linen closet and got a stack of towels. Edward was on his knees under the sink turning off the water. I had already soaked up water with six bath towels, ran them to the laundry room then went and got more towels. The bathmats were soaked. Our pajamas were soaked. The carpet in the bedroom, near the bathroom entrance was soaked.

We wiped up the floor. We put dry towels on the carpet and started trying to get the water up from the carpet.

It was 3:29am.

I am awake.

I stare at the clock, amazed at how awake I am.

It’s 3:39am.

I am still awake. My adrenaline is still pumping. My mind is still racing. I am going through all I need to do tomorrow, next week, even next month.

I breathe. I try to calm my mind. I use my yoga.

I think. I do an inordinate amount of thinking, at 3:42am.

I breathe. I count my blessings. I am grateful. I listen to the sound of silence.

It is not silent in the house. The creaks of the wood floor. The sound of the air conditioner. Dogs barking off in the distance. Edward’s soft breathing. My mind screaming that it is awake.


My mind is beginning to slow. I go back over my week. I think about what I got accomplished and what I still need to get done. I make a to-do list in my mind.

I look over at the man on the other side of my bed.

I wondered for several years who would fill the empty side of my bed. The empty place in my heart.


I think about how much time we missed when we were not together. I think about how glad I am that we are together now, I’m glad that we didn’t miss out on each other.

Isn’t life interesting. The choices we make, the things that happen, bring us to these places in our life. We get to choose many pieces of our lives and our choices bring us to now. Some things happen to us and the way we choose to react to those things bring us to now.


I’m getting tired. Finally. The floor is wet. The carpet is drenched. The water is turned off. All that needs to be done now will still be here in the morning when I wake for the day. I move to turn off the light. Edward says, “come to sleep my love”.

I breathe.

I am calm.

I sleep.

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