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To Life

Spring is here.

It is a time of our world awakening after the winter.

It is a letting go of the winter and welcoming in of new life.

All the season of the year are special to me in different ways. The long days of the summer when we are able to be outside longer. The beauty of the fall, with its colorful leaves and crisp air. Winter comes in with the sprinkling of snow to make the world feel clean and pure.

But spring, ah spring.

It’s watching winter turn to spring; it takes my breath away.

Spring sneaks in with little hints.

Longer days and better moods.

Clear skies and the sunshine.

The crocus peeking out of the ground. My neighbor in New York planted these bulbs all over her front lawn. Even now in Tennessee, I remember the thrill of seeing the purple flowers reaching towards the sun through the snow of New York.

The songs of the birds.

Spring is life.

It is the reminder that we are alive. It is a prompt from mother nature to live, really live, the life you have.

We all have one chance to move through this life. We have one chance each day to live that day.

I often talk about how I spent years just existing as life happened around me. I ran from point A to point B. I had blinders on in a world full of wonder. I didn’t see the magic in the world waiting for me to discover it.

I look for it now. I seek out the magic in this world, in the people and in the experiences. I don’t take time for granted. I don’t waste an opportunity to play golf at the last minute with my husband. I always have time for my family, whether talking to my mother, creating memories with my children or playing with my granddaughter.

We never know how many more Springs we have in our life.

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