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One small positive thought....

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Last night as I closed my yoga class, I told my students how I often start my day.

I like to think about the positives in my world, and the world beyond me, before I start my day.

I believe the power of suggestion is strong.

I believe the power of our thoughts, especially about ourselves, is strong.

I believe that we can decide to react certain ways to things that happen each day. For instance, I can decide to not be bothered when someone takes "my" parking space. I can decide not to be upset when someone hurts my feelings. I can choose to smile when someone cuts in front of me in line or takes credit for something I have done.

I can also choose to not be a doormat. I can choose to kindly be strong. I can choose to not wear my feelings on my sleeve - daring them to be hurt. I can see hurtful actions as what they may be, the other person hurting and lashing out.

I get to choose how I will react.

I have that power.

I believe that is strength.

I believe starting my day with a positive thought can change my whole day.

I challenged my students last night to try it this morning.

This morning my first positive thought: I am loved.

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