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Nature's Sculpture

When we moved into our new house in July, the yard was bathed in sunshine and the grass was green. The trees were full of leaves, the pots were overflowing with impatiens and begonias. The fountain at the front of our house bubbled up and filled the basin with sparkling water. I found myself drawn to this fountain each day when I started my day. I woke up, drank coffee, got dressed then went to the window and looked out at the fountain. I stared at the fountain and thought about my day; what I need to do and what I want to do. I suppose I use this as part of my meditation time. It is a way for me to be still, slow down, assess, focus and begin.

I like this ritual. It is a reset for me from the day before. Monday, I went to the window to look at the fountain, it was partially frozen. It was beautiful. The water still flowed. There was ice in the bowl at the top and the basin below. Icicles hung from the fountain and I stared at the beauty the cold I had created. I love cold weather. I am amazed at the transformation the ice and snow can make in my world. It creates sculptures where there were none. It is nature having fun decorating the world.

The change in the fountain was dramatic but the foundation of the fountain was still the same. It is a concrete foundation underneath the ice. Change is like that. Often the changes we see are surface changes. The surface changes can make a huge difference even when the foundational changes are the same. Change is always happening and can be a wonderful surprise like it was for me that morning.

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