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Making Memories

My mom has always wanted to do a mother/daughter trip with Lauren and I. We've never had the time or been in locations where we could do this. Tomorrow the three of us are going to Savannah Georgia for our first ever trip together. I think back on opportunities when we could’ve done this, there were not many, but there were some. They say it’s better late than never and I agree. I don’t want to miss any more opportunities to make good memories.

We get busy and overwhelmed with our day-to-day lives that sometimes we don’t stop and do the things that are important. Things that make a difference in the relationships in our lives. Things that make someone else realize that we are taking the time to spend with them.

Edward and I love to travel, see new places and make wonderful memories with each other. We try not to miss the opportunities to do that anytime we can. There’s nothing magic about going somewhere else to make these memories. I find it very difficult to do that at home because something is always coming up; the laundry, cleaning the house, phone calls, squeezing in a little bit more work and a myriad of other things. We make sure to appreciate each other and do things together.

I want to make new memories with my mother and my sister. This circle of life is interesting. When we were all younger it would have been wonderful to go on a great trip with mom, but we had children that required our time. I see this when I look at my daughter. I would love to go on a mother/daughter trip with her, but she has a young child and she is pregnant. It is not the time. I look at her face and miss the times I spent with her when she was little, when she needed me. I have to believe that mom looks at my sister and I and thinks the same thing.

Time continues. Time doesn’t’ slow down when we do, in fact, it seems to speed up. We have all three had out shots for COVID-19. We are ready to travel and make memories together. I am sure I will be posting pictures of our adventure.

What have you been putting off? What memories do you need to create now?

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