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I get it now, mom...

Updated: May 10, 2020

I did not appreciate Mother’s Day much until I became a mother.

As a child, we love our mothers. They are the primary ones who care for us, who make sure we are safe – they gave us life.

We seldom dwell on the wonder of this. This is the way it is supposed to be. I don’t ever remember telling my mom thank you for keeping me safe today.

Thank you for making sure I had clean clothes to wear.

Thank you for food to eat.

Thank you for the hugs and kisses you readily gave.

I never thought I needed to thank her for what she so naturally bestowed upon me.

As a teen and young adult, mom was just there. It’s a selfish time in a young person’s life. I didn’t think about her unless it had something to do with me. I loved my mother very much, but I didn’t “see” her then.

She was mom. She would always be there, when I was ready. When I needed her.

And she was/is.

When I became a mother, then a grandmother, I now look back and see my mother differently.

She adjusted her life to make sure mine was as perfect as she could make it.

She created adventures for me.

She showed me how to love life.

She taught me to laugh with life.

She showed me how to dance through the living room as she cleaned the house and how doing what you needed to do could be fun.

She encouraged my need to learn and be successful.

She read every word I wrote.

She is still my cheerleader.

She celebrates any successes I have

and she cries with me over pains and disappointments.

We don’t always agree on everything, but we love, appreciate and respect each other.

I am, who I am because of the experiences I have had in my life.

I am more than my losses

my struggles

my breast cancer

my joys

my dreams

my heartaches

my loves.

I had a strong foundation to build on.

I am lucky.

I am grateful.

I am fortunate that I had a mother to guide me and to set an example.

Thank you, Mom, and thank you to all the mothers that do their best for their children.

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