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Groundhog Day – More life in the time of COVID19

But do I hate it?

Depends on what is going on.

I love how I have been forced to slow down.

I love being able to focus on some of my projects.


I want to go to the store and not worry about everything I touch.

I want to run up to a friend and hug them.

Actually, I want to see a friend in real life, not on a small electronic device.

I am glad that the stores have food.

I am happy that I have a device to see my friends on.

I am thankful for the technology to be able to teach yoga classes from home.

I am grateful all my fellow yoga teachers want to teach and help de-stress our yogis.

I miss having the freedom to go where I want, when I want.

I miss airports.

Exploring new places.

Eating in restaurants.

I love being home for dinner every night with my husband.

I love taking the time to go on long walks.

I love having the time to learn

and read

and meditate daily.

I miss normal.

But there are parts of my new normal I want to keep.

I want to slow down.

I want to continue having time to spend on things that make my heart full.

I wait until the curve has flattened. Who thought a year ago, this would be our normal?

I am a creative person but I never imagined we would be sheltering-in-place,

wearing masks,

looking annoying at people who are not wearing a mask as if they were trying to kill my parents,

eating all meals at home,

baking my own bread – ok, I love that one. I love baking and the joy it brings.

Some days though, I feel like I’m living Groundhog Day. The sameness.

Wake up

Drink coffee




Study yoga

Teach yoga



Clean house

Check in on the online studio, do work for that


Study yoga

Go on a walk

Studio admin stuff


Watch a show



Rinse and Repeat.

My biggest decision is what to fix for dinner.

My car has not been filled with gas since March 13th.

I haven’t seen my hair stylist since the first part of March.

I don’t leave the house except to go to the grocery store once a week.

I don’t know what normal is now.





Maybe my old normal was just as repetitive as my new normal with a few twists added to keep me from noticing the uniformity.

Maybe I did not notice then because I got to see my people.

I miss my community.

I miss walking into the yoga studio and seeing the faces of the people that are there, the people I teach.

I miss each face.

I just woke up and started writing.

I’m drinking coffee.

I’m getting ready to read and study yoga.

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