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Graciously Flawed

My authentic self.

Accepting ourselves as we are.

Learning to love ourselves with all of our uniqueness.

Looking at our self-named flaws as adding to our beauty.

Who am I, who are you?

I know who I am,

or do I really?

I have spent years learning acceptance for the me that I have kept hidden from the world. The me that I did not think others would find pleasing.

I am a wife.

A mother.

A yogi.

A teacher.

I am a writer.

A learner.

A speaker.

A cook.

I am a daughter.

A sister.

A traveler.

A grandmother.

A nature lover.

An art lover.

I am those labels and so many more that I put out into the world.

Labels that I happily put on myself and do not mind people seeing. Those are all acceptable.

Who am I when I am alone with my thoughts?

I am passion and hard work and love and light and life and maybe a sprinkling of creative magic some days.

I am anxious, I am insecure, I am prideful, I am jealous, I am scared. I am a micromanager. I am type A. I work all the time. I seldom allow myself mindless downtime.

I don’t like looking at the negatives I see in myself, but I recognize that I must have the negatives to balance the positives. We are all bits and pieces of both. Can you imagine being around someone that was perfect? We think we know these people. We think they exist; someone may think it is you. Yet, no one is perfect. It is not that we want to see other people’s flaws, we just want to know that we are OK with our flaws. When we learn to accept all the pieces of ourselves, it gives us so much freedom.


We are all special.

We are all unique.

There has never been another person exactly like you in this world.

Read that again…

There has never been another person exactly like you in this world. Isn’t that incredible! Doesn’t that make you want to get your own autograph? You are a one of a kind.

We all have talents to share with the world. I spent much of my life trying to “fix” things that I thought were unacceptable. When I began embracing all the pieces of me, I felt like I had finally released my authentic self into the world.

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