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Copying my sister

I went to my sister’s house yesterday. She had a pretty green vase on the island beside her kitchen sink. She bought it on sale and put three hydrangeas’ in it. It was so fresh and pretty that I told her, “I want to copy you”! She said, “go ahead, I bought the vase at Burke’s from the clearance shelf and there was one left”. I stopped by Burke’s and bought the last green vase. Hydrangea’s are pretty but cream-colored peonies suited me better. I put my vase on the coffee table in my office. The vase and the flowers made me smile. I loved that my sister saw this clearance vase, that happened to be a bit lopsided, and saw it’s potential.

When we were children, she often copied me. Little sisters always do that.

“That’s my shirt”!

“But I wanted to wear it”.

“I’m going outside to ride the pony”.

“Me too”.

“I going to go fix a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”.

“Me too”.

“I have a boyfriend”.

“Me too”.

It was sometimes annoying but most of the time I didn’t notice. I noticed when I was the shy, quiet one in the background and she was the life of the party and the class clown. I wasn’t jealous, I just wondered why I couldn’t be more like her. She was and still is the life of the party. I love that about her.

I am lucky that we are friends as well as sisters. Just because you are born into the same family, doesn’t mean you will be friends. Sometimes it doesn’t even mean you want to spend time with your siblings. That doesn’t mean you don’t love them; some people just do not click like others do and that’s alright.

My sister is my friend.

It is important to have a friend in your life that you can count on.

Someone that are there to listen even when you don’t make sense.

Someone to laugh and cry with.

Someone to give you their undivided attention when you need it.

It is hard for me to share sometimes.

It is easier to share with her.

I trust her.

I appreciate her.

I value her.

I respect her.

I love her.

My sister, my friend.

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