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Busy, Busy, Busy

The word busy has always bothered me. It leaves a distaste in my mouth the way people wear the word busylike a badge of honor. I do it. We all do it.

How has your “busy” changed during this time of COVID19? I am engaged as much as I have ever been, and yet I am at home. The things I am doing now though are not the same things that occupied my world before this time of quarantine.

I am still teaching yoga.

I am doing my 500 RYT (registered yoga teacher) training.

I am writing.

I am reading.

I am planning travel with my sister on the phone.

I am walking with my husband Edward in our neighborhood.

I am having a glass of wine at night and chatting with Edward about our day.

I am having Zoom get-togethers with friends.

I am aware.

I am present.

I am not trying to multi-task. There have been numerous studies that have shown that multi-tasking is an inefficient way of getting anything done. Many of us try to work on various projects at the same time anyway. The things I love to do are not always the things I need to do.

Looking at what I am doing now, has caused me to think of the reasons why I always stay busy.

If you are busy, you do not have to sit with your thoughts.

If you are busy, you do not have to question what your priorities are.

If you are busy, you do not have time to think about parts of your world that may not be what you want them to be.

If you are busy, you are valued and productive or that is what we believe will be the vision we project.


Busy is a cop-out.

There are many things that I still do not have the time to do. I have found that a number of them, I just do not want to do.

I do not want to organize the basement.

I do not want to go through boxes of antique glassware I collected when I lived in New York.

I have no desire to go through boxes of papers I have moved with me from place to place.

I want to write. So, I have been writing.

I want to finish my 500-hour registered yoga teacher training. So, I am finishing it on May 5th.

I want to write an online workshop. I am writing.

I am reading, planning, connecting with friends and family.

I am going to take the word busy out of my vocabulary.

I’ll choose; engaged, productive, industrious, diligent and occupied.

Just not busy.

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