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Bam...Now you have a swimsuit body!

There are so many reasons why people first come to yoga… Because they want to increase their flexibility, they are injured and they can't do their preferred workouts, they need to relieve stress, they want a "yoga butt" many reasons. It doesn't really matter how someone initially steps on the mat. I am just so glad that they do. Yoga is the one fitness activity I have taught that I have personally seen change lives. We all want to feel good and confident when we go to the beach. There are poses that will help us look good in our swimsuits, but yoga does more than that, it gives us the confidence to step out in a bathing suit.

Ways to get a swimsuit body:

1- practice Sun Salutations

2- appreciate how wonderful your body is

3- practice Warrior 1

4- tell yourself you are strong

5- practice Warrior 2

6- believe you are worthy

7- practice flowing from Downward facing dog to plank

8- be determined

9- practice sun god

10- put on your swimsuit, look in the mirror and own your beautiful body

Yoga can make your body strong and fit but more than that, yoga can help you keep your mind focused on the present moment and not missing out on life as it happens. Years ago, I mentioned to my yoga class that I would tell them the secret to getting a swimsuit body for the summer at the end of my yoga class. I had forgotten about it by the time class ended. I ended the class and got up, no one moved. I looked at them and someone said, “you forgot to tell us the secret to getting a swimsuit body for this summer”. I smiled and told them to go home, open their drawer, grab out their swimsuit, put it on and …BAM…you have a swimsuit body. Your body is already a swimsuit body, you just have to get your mind onboard.

How many times have you missed out on opportunities because you didn’t look the way you wanted to look? I hear many women tell me they never wear short sleeve shirts because they don’t like their arms. They don’t wear shorts because they have veins that show on their legs. They don’t get in a swimming pool because they don’t look good in a bathing suit.

We all have something we would like to improve on but don’t miss out on life as your insecurities take over making decisions for what you will enjoy. Edward and I are going to play golf today. It is warm outside, but I was planning on wearing lite-weight pants because I haven’t used sunless tanner on my legs yet this season. He looked at me in a quizzical manner and said, “you know you’ll burn up in pants”. I turned and put on the shorts. I have called every woman in my family and told them to get a bathing suit for this summer. When the pool is open, we are getting in and I will take no silly excuses. Life is too short to miss opportunities to make memories because you are worrying about how you look. If you put on a big smile and a great attitude that is all anyone will see.

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